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I love to cook and prepare genuine, homemade cakes and delicacies every day, using the products of our land, which is so generous and full of resources.

Space is not unlimited, but every necessity makes a virtue; therefore, we offer raspberry, blueberry, currant and berry jams,… all designed for every mountain-loving palate and taste, dried fruits, seasonal fruits, honey from the Fassa apiaries, yogurt and local cheeses, cured meats of our own production (Valentini Butcher Shop in Alba di Canazei) are just some of the products we offer, with a “green” look

For several years now, in fact, we have been on a personal and inner path aimed at saving energy and respecting the surrounding environment, and a world of new discoveries and learnings has opened up for our whole family. I try to share what I can firsthand with the people I meet: habits, unaware savings and shrewdness for the preservation of our beautiful planet.

Thanks to our philosophy devoted to the environment and personal well-being, I seek to meet everyone’s need and palate, daily developing a “space to accommodate all kinds of unconventional foodies.”

El Sangon Breakfast Experience. An "experiential" breakfast to start the day with a smile.

With this in mind, our “El Sangon Breakfast Experience” was born, a true sensory experience that begins with the first meal of the day, the most important according to nutritionists, hygienists and dieticians: the breakfast.

Not only important from a metabolic and health point of view, but also from an emotional and mental point of view: breakfast, in fact, is gathering at the table early in the morning, an essential moment to kick start a trip, a hike or simply a day with friends on skis.

That’s why for us, this meal must be wholesome, balanced, and above all, lighthearted and “fun.”

Colors and flavors of the forest can thus be found among the ingredients offered each morning at our buffet.

For each need, indeed, we try to create and prepare products designed and suggested specifically for quality, quantity and specific requirement. Along these lines, for people who are intolerant or allergic to gluten, lactose or other ingredients, we offer products that are as wholesome as possible, while our beverages include soy and/or lactose-free milk, fruit juices and herbal teas.