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Eco-sustainability 2

Promotion of the territory

  • We send a link via SMS to download the Mio Trentino app and independently activate the Guest Card, which also gives the opportunity to take advantage of discounts linked to different experiences around the area, taking into account the traveller’s preferences and interests.
  • The app also allows guests to discover and plan their visits and activities at the destination in advance.
  • We inform and advise guests on the different experiences they can enjoy in the area: outdoor activities (trekking, enduro – downhill -, paragliding, skiing, etc.); mountain excursions according to the different seasons; cultural visits and events (also related to traditions); sporting events; food and wine events; restaurants with typical cuisine; spa & wellness activities.
  • We also encourage visits to those shops selling typical local products (both food and wine and handicrafts), and related to woodworking.
  • As far as mountain excursions are concerned, we support and contribute in our own small way to the conservation of biodiversity, first and foremost by following guidelines for the management and promotion of visits to natural sites, to reduce negative impacts and enhance guest satisfaction.
  • We inform guests on the most appropriate behaviour to adopt, in full respect not only for nature and wildlife but also for the local people who run the various activities (e.g. shelters).
  • We give indications regarding the most suitable clothing to wear, depending on the different activities to be practised and the different seasons, so that the various experiences can be lived in full safety and without running into unpleasant situations which could be avoided.
  • As far as wildlife is concerned, we provide guidance on how to behave in the event of sightings of marmots or cubs in general (hares/goats/deer etc.).
  • Through Maurizio (Aline’s husband) we participate in wildlife conservation activities, as he is a registered and licensed hunter (controlled hunting).
  • We are committed to protecting, preserving, enhancing and discovering our cultural heritage, consisting of local sites and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritual significance.
  • Promoting the Dolomites (Unesco Heritage), we provide information on good practices to adopt when visiting culturally or historically sensitive sites.
  • We invite guests to participate in traditional festivals (e.g. Festa da d’Istà) where they can get to know the local community better and understand its customs and traditions in depth.
  • El Sangon reflects Tyrolean traditions both in the décor and in breakfast with some typical local products.
  • In summer, we serve breakfast wearing traditional clothes.
  • We are proud to have reached the 3rd generation who live and promote the area spontaneously, as ambassadors.
  • At home and with local people, we speak the Ladin language (not a dialect) and pass it on from generation to generation.

Sustainable Transport

  • We promote the use of the Val di Fassa Guest Card, thanks to which guests can reach us and move around our territory free of charge by public transport, for the entire duration of their stay. In this way, people can forget about their cars without having to worry about traffic or parking, which also contributes to a significant reduction in pollution.


  • The facility has some accessibility features but, before booking, we ask guests to advise us of any mobility or other difficulties, so that we can tell exactly whether we can meet all expectations and needs. If we cannot meet this need, we do our best to provide information on possible alternatives in the area. Although the facility was built several years ago and renovated in 2006, it is our goal to improve in this area and as far as we can, we want to make holidays more accessible for everyone.

Social Welfare & Contribution to the Local Community

  • By informing our guests on how to preserve biodiversity and cultural sites, we help to ensure that the local community treats both our guests and visitors in the best possible way, thus reducing the negative impact that hostile and confrontational behaviour on both sides would have on the economy of our area.
  • We have started a collaboration with the Cooperativa Sociale Agricola Terre Altre, which provides employment and support to people with vulnerabilities. From them, we buy personal hygiene products, prepared with wild and cultivated herbs, harvested and semi-processed by them, in the Valle di Fiemme (50km from us).


  • Within the facility, the main safety measures are ensured, complying with current health and safety laws.
  • As the area is considered a safe place, no external cameras have been installed.
  • There is a smoke detector inside the rooms and in the breakfast room.
  • In each room, there is a security safe for storing documents and valuables.
  • In the kitchen, there is a temperature sensor.
  • In the basement, we have a room used for storing ski equipment with heated and dried lockers for skis and boots. Each room is assigned a locker with its own security code.

Fair working conditions

  • We are a family-run business and have respect for all employees.
  • Taking care of the facility and the guests are mainly Aline and her daughter Laura, who is employed on a fixed-term contract (according to national regulations).
  • There is a floor attendant to help, who is also employed on a fixed-term contract.
  • There is an all-around focus on well-being: Aline and Laura coordinate and help each other to live a better quality of life, both at work and in private, and have also embarked on a path of personal as well as professional growth.

Communication and marketing

  • We have created a ‘Sustainability Report’ in which we detail the areas we are working on to obtain and maintain the Green Destinations certification for businesses.
  • As far as communication in the hotel, the website and online side have only just begun and will be a continuous work in progress. We ask you to follow us on social media and feel free to give us your input by constructively making suggestions.
  • In the bathroom, we have put up a sign with innovative communication to raise awareness and encourage guests to use towels more responsibly.
  • We created a Food Map for the breakfast room.