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I was literally born in this house, here I have seen myself, my brother Giorgio and my sister Claudia grow up, I have built a life with my husband Maurizio, I have created and repurposed spaces. My children Laura and Ruben have grown up breathing these places since they were little, and I have had the opportunity to revisit my family’s tradition to create a simple and genuine new reality, immersed in modern conveniences.

From the Tyrolean and Trentino style rooms, to the details that make the difference and speak of our Ladin traditions; from the chip cards we offer for the rooms, ski storage, exit and entry from the facility, to the free wi-fi connections for our guests.

El Sangon: fifty years of business between hospitality and style

Mamma Rosa began this business of renting rooms and created an option for families and couples needing relaxation and escape from the cities. These places have been silent witnesses of passersby, vacationers, wayfarers and tourists of all sorts, welcoming different stories and traditions.

Since I was a child, I have realized how the relationship between people is an important base from which to create an extraordinary business like hospitality; where, before anything, comes listening to the other person and his or her requests, as well as one’s own desire to grow and do well in one’s work.

Behind this presentation there are memories of years intertwined in a game of recollections and lessons learned.

Starting from scratch with humility, playing every role in the hotel world, I then learned many small nuances, which led me to be the person I am today, always trying to pass on this passion to my children as well, always eager to experiment and learn.

Today, as then, memories are mingled with the most modern desire to be present and accomplish, because a place, to be “felt”, must be experienced even in the tiniest moments of sharing.

When time flows pleasantly, we never notice its rush and progress. It was back on December 6th 1973 when our adventure began, and this year we are celebrating fifty years of activity and love for the beauty of a welcoming place over the passage of time.

The fiftieth anniversary of “El Sangon” aims to focus on an undisputed flagship: love for details and biodiversity, a cardinal principle of the philosophy of the owner, Aline. Eating in a genuine way, immersing oneself in breathtaking atmospheres and views and enjoying the unspoiled nature of the Dolomites, just a step away from modern convenience, is a particularly satisfying experience for all the senses, always having that eye for eco-sustainability and “eco green tourism.”